Chunkster Reading Challenge 2021

Chunkster Reading Challenge 2021
Host: Annette @ Impressions in Ink
Duration: January 1 to December 31, 2021
Amount: The number of books read is up to you. The amount of pages in the book is the important guideline. The books must have 450 pages or greater to be a chunkster.

Sign-up by leaving a comment on this blog post.

1. The books read must be 450 pages or more to be considered chunkster books.
2. The books can be a hard copy, e-books, or an audio book. As long as each of these formats equal to 450 pages or greater (if it were a hard copy book).
3. If you don’t have a blog that’s okay.
4. If you’d like to create a starting and or final post about this challenge on your blog or other social media account: link back to this post, leave your links in the comment section of this post.
5. I don’t want to host a complicated reading challenge and I’d like to make this challenge easy.

Let me know if you have questions?

My list of chunkster books read in 2021:





66 thoughts on “Chunkster Reading Challenge 2021

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  4. Do short story collections that exceed the page length count towards this challenge? I am reading a collection of short stories by George MacDonald that total over 650 pages and a collection of Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton that total over 750 pages. Would those work for the challenge?

    Do series that are read as individual books (not as an omnibus) that exceed the page count work for this challenge too? I plan to read all of the Chronicles of Narnia this year, which I own as individual books – would that count?

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  8. Oh! I have several chunky books languishing on my TBR, so this is the perfect reading challenge! I’ll be playing along on Instagram @jess_schira. I guess I’m kicking off with Space by James Michener, which I read in January. Next up with be Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O

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